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My Book Outline!
Satvic Chef: The anti-inflammatory diet

Book dedication to Dr. Sewdath Sadal
Inflammation responses in the body
     *Age and Race
     *Animal Protein VS plant protein diets
     *Processed foods VS non-processed foods: in respect Grains
     *Links to Diabetes, CVD, Hypertension, Cholesterol, Cancer,
     Adult Asthma, Gout and Pseudo-Gout, Arthritis etc

Patient Empowered Education
     *Our own cultural ideas about Food and Health
     *How to follow and interpret nutritional guidance
     from a Medical Care-taker: Doctor & Dietitian

Veganism and Vegetarianism
     *Explanation different types of vegans and
     vegetarians out there and their philosophy
     *Difference between Tamasic, Rajistic and Satvic veganism
     or vegetarianism and links to current scientific findings
     VS Integrative nutrition

Satvic Vegetarian
     *Modern Urban Yogis
     *The Anti-inflammatory properties
     *Nutritional aspects of the Satvic Vegetarian

How to balance the diet, what protein and grains to choose, what vitamins

6 tastes (bitter, pungent, astringent, sour, salt, sweet) theory

The Glycemic index

The Fat-Index

The switch from a meat-eater to a Satvic vegetarian
     *How to make steps to dietary switches and adjust
     *Re-assemble the content of your kitchen pantry
     *How to shop for each season: Ingredients

     *All you can cook with Chickpeas: patties, falafel, pani-puri, dosa
     *Gluten-free baking with bean flours
     *Quinoa: Middle Eastern Recipes
     *Winter Comfort Food Recipes
     *Refreshing Summer Recipes
     *Recipes to please a meat-eater packed with vitamins

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